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Learn more about our VBS program, below.

What's new this year?

First, the way we identity our groups is undergoing a shift. Your child has completed their grade and is looking forward to being in the next grade. We've decided to encourage that by grouping children according to the grade they will ENTER in Fall 2018.

Last year, we welcomed (entering) 7th graders to our programming. We had such a great time with them ,that we're inviting them back. That's right, this special program of VBS will now be for students entering 6th-8th grades! Your kids will still participate in the opening/closing assemblies, but the rest of the morning will be spent with leaders dedicated to leading your older children in activities and Bible study on a deeper level. 

Please note: For this year only, because this change is new, if a child entering 8th grade would rather volunteer at VBS, please sign them up as a volunteer on the registration page.

What's the theme for 2018? 

We're excited to announce our theme for 2017 is SHOW YOU KNOW: a game show VBS! The curriculum is made by us, right here at Yorkshire. We'll still enjoy songs from recent years (plus some new ones, of course) but the content of skits and lessons will be an entirely unique experience!

Child Pick-Up: How does it work? 

All children are picked up in the sanctuary. Safety is our number one goal! Therefore, our policy requires parents/guardians to come up the center aisle of the sanctuary to your child's group, let the leader know who you are picking up, then proceed around the front of the sanctuary and exit via the side aisles. This way we minimize the traffic jam and work to ensure children are leaving with the correct person. 

My child has dietary and/or medical needs. Is this a problem?

In most cases, it's no problem at all! Please be as thorough as possible on the registration form in describing everything we need to know to make sure your child has a fun, safe and healthy week at VBS. If we need to know more, we will contact you, so please make sure your contact information is correct.

What do the (entering) 6th, 7th, and 8th graders do? 

You'll still participate in the opening and closing assemblies, but you'll have your own 'club' to share in activities and Bible study together. This allows you to have more flexibility in your schedule and your leaders can do some neat things with you as a result!

I can't come for the whole week, is that OK?

YES! The week builds on itself, so your child will get the 'full effect' if he/she is with us all week. However, each day is special so even if your child can only come for 1 or 2 days, we'd love to have them! (The same goes for volunteers!)

I want to volunteer and have a child who is too young to attend VBS, what can I do?

Sign up to volunteer! Let us know of your need and we will  assist you with child care!

Will there be a CD of this year's music available?

We are not legally permitted to share the music we use in VBS. Therefore, as a matter of integrity, we will not provide a CD of this music.

Is the picnic free?

YES! It is Yorkshire's privilege to offer this picnic to you and your family for free! After the week of VBS, the concluding picnic is a popular time to socialize with new (and old) friends!

Can we bring friends?

Absolutely! The more the merrier! As long as each child is registered, there is no problem with bringing friends. (If you know ahead of time that there will be a large group coming with you, please pre-register... it's a big help in planning!)

How much does it cost?

The entire week of VBS is free (even the picnic!) The Yorkshire church family looks forward to offering this week to the community each year!

Can I make a donation to the church for VBS?

Yes, we gratefully accept donations! If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can drop it off in the church office, put it in the offering plate marked 'VBS', or give it to one of our VBS leaders during the week. If you would like to make a food/supply donation, check back soon for a list of needed items. 

Does my donation to the offering/mission project really go there?

Absolutely! We don't keep any of the money we raise for the church. It is solely dedicated to the organization we announce at VBS.  (If you want to make a donation to the church, please see the question, above!)

I have an idea or suggestion... how can I share it? 

Email us at We appreciate your input and, though we cannot guarantee it will be used, it will certainly be considered!

Additional Questions?

Email us at or call 717.755.4952