Serving at Yorkshire

Your willingness to serve directly contributes to the effectiveness of Yorkshire's ministry! Scroll through the sections below to see what service opportunities are available. When you are ready to make your commitment, click here.

Children's Ministry Partner

As a children's ministry partner, you will have the opportunity to be a part of our brand new Sunday school program! There are many ways to serve! Read the descriptions of each position, below:

Room Leader: Responsible for the overall operation of the room by ensuring materials are ready for the other ministry partners in your area. The room leader also "MC's" the large group portions of the morning.

Small Group Leader (SGL): SGL's are responsible for a small group table. SGL's greet and get to know their students as they arrive, then lead them in activities provided by the room leader. SGL's also lead the children in activities to reflect on and apply the Bible story.

Bible Story Teller:  The Bible story teller is committed to communicated God's Word clearly and enthusiastically during the large group time. Each lesson is provided in the curriculum and uses a variety of presentation styles to keep children engaged. High energy and experience speaking in front of children is important for this role.

Welcome Team: The welcome team members help the room leader during arrival and dismissal. They answer questions and help visitors know where to go. This position is ideal for folks who want to help, but aren't quite ready to lead a small group.

Preteen Ministry Partner

Student ministry partners serve in our new 5th and 6th grade class. Ministry partners in this area facilitate the break-out session of our Sunday school curriculum and build relationships with students through special events outside of the regular Sunday morning setting. 


Student ministry partners serve our 7th-12th graders by building relationships with a small group of students, modeling dedication to Christ and the church, and facilitating a small group of 5-8 students in 7th & 8th or 9th-12th grades.


Are you gifted in a particular are? Perhaps you are disciplined and knowledgable with financial management practices; maybe you enjoy helping others understand the Christian faith better; or you and your spouse feel passionate about helping other couples in their marriage. Adult ministry partners allow us to offer unique courses and opportunities to our church family and community. If you are willing to lead a group or study, please consider serving as an adult ministry partner.