Bound to righteous obedience

so we can be bound for god's glory

The future is bright for Yorkshire. We look expectantly for opportunities to grow personally and corporately as God's people. It all begins with the courage to break the molds of what our church involvement has traditionally been - to live boldly in our willingness to serve and participate in Christian Education and Discipleship opportunities.

Take the first step, and let the church staff know of your commitment so you can be included in studies, classes, trainings, and other opportunities to continue the work of Jesus Christ.

Your Commitment

The only way the church can be the church it is called to be is if its members are the members they are called to be.  Join us on this journey, as we join in God's plan for York, PA. We're here for a reason - let's honor that, together!

Indicate your commitment to Christian Education and Discipleship by clicking 'submit my commitment' in the circles above.