Women's STudy

Beginning January 15, you are invited to participate in a new Bible study called Proven by Jennie Allen.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

In this 8-session study, Jennie Allen walks through key passages in the Book of John to demonstrate how only Jesus is enough. We don't have to prove anything because Jesus has already proven everything. Discover how our thirsty hearts can only be quenched by the living water.

The cost is $15 for the work book, but if this is an issue please let us know—the study will be our gift to you!

The middle school and high school girls will be doing the same Bible study on Sunday nights, so mothers and daughters are encouraged to participate in this in tandem.  Mondays at 7 for the women and Sundays at 4 for the girls. (No cost for teens!)

Family Study

Did you know that the Bible has more to say about finances than any other topic! If that's the case, we should probably pay attention to biblical instruction on money! In this course, you will learn biblical principles but also apply them directly to your situation. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

This course costs $39. If couples would like a second workbook, the cost increases to $49, total. Note that the book, Your Money Counts is suggested to be read before the class begins. The first session will begin on Sunday, January 21st from 5:30-7:30pm.

Do not let the cost keep you from attending! If you need financial assistance, contact us.

Adult Studies Throughout the Week

  • Potter's House Bible Study

    Beginning January 17th on Wednesday's at both 10:00am and 6:30pm, join us for an adult-bible study on varying topics in Room 205.

  • Can I Trust the Bible? 

    The Bible is the best selling book in history. But can we trust it? Come and learn about the sound principals that the Bible teaches us and gain a better understanding of why we can truly trust the Bible. This class is held on Sunday's at 10:45am in Room 205.

  • Jesus Changes Everything

    In this class, we will discuss the impact that Jesus has on our lives. When we truly look to Him and give our lives over to His grace, we can begin to see dramatic changes. This class is held on Sunday's at 10:45am in room 204.