• Rev. Dennis A. Hummel

    Senior Pastor

  • Rev. F. Bud Bish

    Associate Pastor

    Forrest "Bud" Bish (named after his grandfather - not the Forrest Gump movie) is married to Janet (Benny), and they have one son and daughter-in-law, Matthew and Katie. Bud is retired from full-time pastoral work, but visits shut-ins and those in the hospital and leads in Sunday morning worship. In his years of ministry, it has always been his desire to make a difference in the lives of the people he touched - just to be a help to them. He loves to play golf (thankfully he doesn't have to depend on that skill to feed his family!), his beverage of choice is Mt. Dew, and he loves ice cream as an evening snack.

    Bud has a B.S. in Secondary Education with a major in geography and a history minor for Clarion University. He earned his Master of Divinity degree from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.


    Pastor for Education and DISCIPLESHIP

    Dave has been married to Laura for just over a year. His focus at the church is to develop and support the education and discipleship programs, including the exciting new opportunities that will be unveiled throughout 2017. It is Dave's desire to see the church equipped to truly be the church--to continue the work of Jesus Christ. He enjoys spending time with his wife, hunting, disc golf, and Penn State football!

    Dave holds a Master of Theology degree with an emphasis in pastoral leadership and theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, a B.S. in Elementary and Kindergarten Education from Penn State University, and a B.S. in Learning Instruction from Jönköping University in Jönköping, Sweden.

  • Megan Krusemark |

    Youth/Young Adults

    Megan grew up in Ohio and moved to Pennsylvania 8 years ago. In her role, she oversees the youth group and facilitates classes for young adults. Her desire is to see young people take ownership of their faith and learn what it means to live their faith out in the 'real world.' She also has a deep love for kickball and putting potato chips on her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... don't knock it till you you've tried it!

  • Jacqueline Linsey


  • Patricia Hummel

    Preschool Director

    Pat oversees Joyful Noise Christian Preschool. Having worked with the preschool for over a decade after raising her five children, this is a fitting position for her! She loves to see children grow cognitively, develop fine motor skills, and deepen their understanding of Jesus Christ. Pat is often found spending time with her family and supporting those around her by offering advice, baking, cooking, of otherwise taking care of loved ones! She's also actively involved at Yorkshire, teaching Sunday school and singing in the choir.

  • Alison Sutherland |


  • Mary Sheffer |

    Office Administrator

  • Tiffany Ivie

    Children's Care

  • Mansour Barsom